Our People

R e s e a r c h a n d A d v o c a c y a t t h e N e x u s o f E q u i t y a n d E d u c a t i o n

Equity through Education Network is to research methods and models for educational change with communities of parents, educators, advocates, learners and researchers both within and outside formal education.

We believe achieving equity through education involves:

  • Changing the conversations about research, inclusion, diversity and equity
  • Looking at equity through different lenses and diverse angles
  • Working alongside communities researching topics of importance to them
  • Combining knowledge with action and achieving change
  • Promoting a co-learning and empowering process that attends to social inequalities
  • Addressing equity issues from positive and ecological perspectives

Alison Kearney, Mandia Mentis are leading the development of our community, bringing a shared enthusiasm for re-thinking research around equity with, from and about communities. As a team, we want to lead the exploration of questions surrounding equity through the lens of education by:

  • Using mixed methods and participatory approaches to research
  • Collecting data through diverse ways, for example social media
  • Disseminating research findings in different ways, through exhibitions, social media-websites, blogs, and, of course, research papers and presentations
  • Collaborating with interprofessional research teams

Our research community members are primarily based in the Massey University Institute of Education, but we collaborate with a range of different people. Our current members are: