Associate Professor Mandia Mentis

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My name is Mandia Mentis and I'm an Associate Professor at Massey University. I coordinate the postgraduate Inclusive Education programmes and the Specialist Teaching programme, and am a co-director of the Equity through Education Centre. I believe that for PLD to shift from ‘best practice’ into ‘next practice’ it needs to be contextualised, personalised and innovative. ‘Next practice’ PLD facilitates inquiry into whether what has worked for others in the past, works now in this context and culture. PLD that facilitates strengthening of professional identity within a wider community of learners promotes positive change.

My expertise, and interests relevant to PLD focuses on ‘next practice’ and professional identity development and my examples of PLD practice include:

  • Digital technologies for innovative teaching and learning (spaces and places of PLD) teaching, learning and assessment for all/ inclusive education
  • Professional identity development within Communities of Learning and Communities of Practice
  • Interprofessional practice and breaking down silos of domain knowledge – learning ‘with, from and about’ practitioners from different disciplines
  • Metacognitive approaches to reflective professional practice – learning about learning/ thinking about thinking and dynamic assessment (assessment focusing on potential)
  • Professional identity development within inter-professional communities of practice.

Contact Associate Professor Mandia Mentis, Institute of Education, Massey University

Qualifications: PhD - Massey University (2008)

Accreditation Number: ACC062