Alternative Credentials, Credentialing Alternatives!

ICEL Conference Bologna, Italy 25-27 October 2017 -

Mandia Mentis, Alison Kearney, and Wendy Holley-Boen attended The ICEL conference in Bologna. The conference drew together international speakers to discuss new ways of recognising learning - particularly informal learning. The title of the conference - alternative credentials, credentialing alternatives - signaled the importance of thinking about learning differently (especially non-formal and informal learning) that enables more equitable opportunities, and recognises or acknowledge learning in different ways (for example digital badging). Our presentation outlined the new LEARNING SUPPORT NETWORK (LSN) we are currently designing and developing that provides different learning pathways and credentialing opportunities for busy SENCos or School Leaders in Learning Support, working to support the equitable outcome of all learners. The design of the LSN is via four HUBS of learning that progress from more informal networking and learning (Hubs 1 & 2) through digitally badging short-course learning (Hub 3) to linking these into a formal qualification (Hub 4). See website for more details