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Hosting Professor

The Centre for Equity Through Education has been very pleased to host Professor Lise-Anne St Vincent from the Department of Education at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in Quebec. Professor St Vincent teaches and publishes in the areas of inclusive education, teacher education and addressing ethical issues in education. Read

Alternative Credentials, Credentialing Alternatives!

ICEL Conference Bologna, Italy 25-27 October 2017

Mandia Mentis, Alison Kearney, and Wendy Holley-Boen attended The ICEL conference in Bologna. The conference drew together international speakers to discuss new ways of recognising learning - particularly informal learning. Read more .....

Thai Visit

Massey University, Institute of Education and Mahidol University in Thailand begin collaborative Research project. Read more ...

Corrective Lenses News

Equity through Education researchers from Massey University, Associate Professor Alison Kearney and Dr Julia Budd, are investigating the impact of the provision of corrective lenses on the learning, behaviour and social outcomes of students. The project begins with a pilot study at Rowandale School in South Auckland. In this school 176 students had their vision tested, 46 required follow-up testing at an optometrist and 24 students required the provision of glasses. Read more ....

Equity Through Education Symposium 2017

The 2nd Equity Through Education Symposium was held in February 2017. To see the full programme click here

Equity Through Education Symposium 2016

The Inaugural Equity Through Education Symposium was held on 17th February 2016. Key speakers included Professor Laura Lundy from the Centre for Children’s for Rights, Queeens University in Belfast, Professor Chis Galvin College from Humanities and Social Sciences, Massey University and the Student Voices of equity in education from Massey High School students

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