Meet Our Facilitators

R e s e a r c h a n d A d v o c a c y a t t h e N e x u s o f E q u i t y a n d E d u c a t i o n

The Equity Through Education PLD Facilitators are all Ministry of Education/Education Council accredited providers.

Our facilitators are experienced teachers, PLD providers and researchers who are skilled in assisting teachers and others involved in education to build leadership and quality teaching that is responsive to the needs of all akonga

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We aim to create PLD designed for networks and communities using different spaces and places including:

  • Community of learners - COLs
  • Communities of Practice CoPs
  • Flexible and agile (anytime, anywhere)
  • Inquiry-based (addressing wicked questions)
  • Chunked information to fit purpose - bespoke short or long courses
  • Personalised and Self-directed PLD (tailored to suit participants learning goals)

If you are looking to achieve greater equity and improved achievement and well-being for all students through tailored professional learning design, contact us here