Child and Youth Profile: A New Zealand Toolkit

The International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health for Children and Youth (ICF-CY) framework described by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2007) offers a way to conceptualize and describe a child or youth’s developing characteristics within his or her surrounding environment, while noting the influence of health, including disabilities, on the child or youth’s functioning and adaptation. The framework is widely used in the fields of education, special education, health, rehabilitation, disability studies and disability policy internationally, with a particularly strong influence in Europe and Nordic countries. The Child and Youth Profile developed by the researchers is based on core elements of ICF-CY and designed for use in New Zealand contexts but is also informative to an international audience.

This project will pilot the Child and Youth Profile developed by the researchers. The profile is designed as a toolkit to support teachers, families, and specialists to reflect on and organize their understanding of a child’s strengths and limitations; sensory function; participation at school, home, and in the community; and interests and preferences.

The research project is intended to gather stakeholder feedback on the usefulness and social validity of the toolkit. Research questions to be addressed:

  • How do different stakeholders (teachers, education professionals, and parents) use the Child and Youth Profile?
  • To what extent is the Child and Youth Profile useful in educational planning?
  • To what extent is the Child and Youth Profile socially valid?

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