The Equity Through Education Centre was established in 2016 within the Institute of Education, Massey University.

It is an interprofessional community of educators inquiring into issues of educational inequity.

Our vision is to break down barriers to learning and promote equity in and through education via research, inquiry and scholarship. Our mission is to work with and for communities to identify and enact innovative and responsive solutions to educational inequity.

Our Values include:

Promoting equity, social justice and diversity in and through education

  • Overcoming educational inequity experienced by those marginalised by personal and social circumstances (gender, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexuality, religion, language etc.).

  • Acknowledging the powerful role of teaching in overcoming inequity

  • Promoting presence and participation in life-long and life-wide learning

You could have a caption here if you wanted

You could have a caption here if you wanted


Promoting connectedness and partnerships with communities of learners, teachers and other education professionals, whanau, non-government agencies, and policy makers

  • Facilitating community based participatory inquiry, scholarship and research (with, for and about communities)

  • Focusing on scholarship and research that is relevant and meaningful to the community

Being relevant, responsive and innovative now and in the future

  • Being open to new spaces and places for research, inquiry and scholarship

  • Acknowledging different perspectives and voices in the creation of education change

  • Disseminating research in new, multiple and accessible ways

  • Blurring the boundaries between formal and non-formal inquiry, learning, scholarship and research