a fair & equitable education system in Aotearoa



A Centre for Research,Learning and Practice

The Equity Through Education Centre was established in 2016 within the Institute of Education, Massey University.

It is an interprofessional community of educators inquiring into the problems of educational inequity.



Equity in a Digital World

Researching the role of public libraries in promoting digital inclusion and overcoming the digital divide. This project with public libraries NZ and funded by InternetNZ will impact policy and practice in creating more equitable access and use of digital technologies .

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(Nate Dumlao)

(Nate Dumlao)



Global Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity in Education . Massey University is now one of the first universities in the Southern hemisphere to become a partner in a UNESCO UNITWIN initiative of a Global Network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity in Education.  The Centre for Equity through Education in the Institute of Education will take on the lead in fulfilling the requirements of this global partnership on promoting social justice and inclusivity.

View a recent webinar by Professor Huia Jahnke and students here

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Latest News:

UArctic TN Teacher Education and UNITWIN/UNESCO Network on Teacher Education are jointly organising a webinar on April 15 1800 hours NZ time. The topic is “Sustaining an endangered language through initial teacher education. The Māori language experience in New Zealand”, and it will be presented by Professor. Huia Jankhe from Massey University, New Zealand. Read more here

The online version of a book on Inclusive Practices and Policies by our UNITWIN partners in the Arctic North has been launched in Roveniemi, Finland. The book is available open access online. Read more here


Learning & Research Pathways


Blurring the boundaries between formal and non-formal learning, scholarship, inquiry and research, the centre offers bespoke short courses, funds research and offers individualised professional development.